Our Business Principles

Our core underlying business principle is to create value for our clients.

When our clients succeed, our own success will follow. Our experience has shown that if we consistently bring value to our clients, they will share their success with us.

We aspire to be the best, not necessarily the biggest, in every business we operate.

We are highly selective in terms of the business we do and with whom we do business. We will only operate in the areas where we believe we can add significant value to our clients.

We select our clients based on their quality and potential rather than near term commercial value.

We have supported numerous early stage entrepreneurs, who we continue to serve as their companies grow and prosper. Although our business is measured by transactions, our success is defined by the quality and longevity of our client relationships.

Every client is unique to us.

We make great effort to understand the evolving needs of each client, and strive to provide the most innovative solutions to solve their problems and challenges.

We are an independent investment bank with a singular focus on our clients.

We do not have the conflict of interest challenges that are inherent with larger global financial institutions. We pride ourselves on our independence because our clients can feel comfortable placing their trust in us. Under no circumstances will we place our interests in front of our clients.

We are a One-Firm firm. We have the ability to leverage the resources of the entire firm to serve our clients.

This is not always possible in larger global financial institutions with multiple businesses. We strongly believe that our ability bring the power of the entire firm to bear for our clients will be a key competitive advantage for us and be key to our success. To create this One-Firm mentality, we aim to maximize the loyalty and trust that our people feel both to the firm and to each other.

We fiercely value our reputation.

While people and capital are both important to us, our reputation is our biggest asset. We adhere to highest standards of policies, compliance, laws and ethical conduct.

Our Culture

People Commitment

We feel a great responsibility for everyone who chooses to join us. Our people tend to think of one another as members of a big family. We are fiercely loyal to our own kin and expect the same from them in return. We believe contribution is not measured simply in dollars but in dedication and loyalty as well.


We are an entrepreneurial organization, similar to many of our clients. The type of people that are attracted to us often possesses the basic traits of entrepreneurs. They are passionate, risk takers, self-motivated and resourceful. Our people are highly competitive, but they take their jobs seriously, not themselves. They enjoy the working environment that we create in which they can freely pursue their ideas and make significant impact at every stage of their careers. Our people are driven to be the very best in their own profession rather than by short-term financial gains.


We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in everything we undertake. The dedication and intensity of our people are truly outstanding. We have no room for people who are willing to settle for second best. We are a learning organization and knowledge management is fundamental to our business. Every one of us should continue learning and developing, as this is the only way to excel and win consistently.


We stress teamwork in everything we do. Success in the firm is not measured simply by individual contribution, but also by how much help one is willing to give to other team members. We share knowledge to make us individually and collectively more successful. We believe the best communication is spontaneous, comprehensive and real-time.


We are a private partnership, which is majority owned by the management of the firm. Management believes in sharing the firm's success with our people. All of our people have the opportunity to become an owner of the firm so our interests are greatly aligned. We believe a sense of ownership is an important part of our success.